World Energy Outlook 2019

The gold standard of energy analysis

World Energy Outlook 2019 explains the impact of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s energy systems, and describes a pathway that enables the world to meet climate, energy access and air quality goals while maintaining a strong focus on the reliability and affordability of energy for a growing global population.

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Scenarios in WEO 2019

The World Energy Outlook does not provide a forecast of what will happen. Instead, it provides a set of scenarios that explore different possible futures, the actions – or inactions – that bring them about and the interconnections between different parts of the system.

Stated Policies Scenario (STEPS)

The Stated Policies Scenario, or STEPS, which identical in design to the previous New Policies Scenario, provides a detailed sense of the direction in which today’s policy ambitions would take the energy sector. Previously known as the New Policies Scenario, it has been renamed to underline that it considers only specific policy initiatives that have already been announced.

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Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS)

The Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS) maps out a way to meet sustainable energy goals in full, requiring rapid and widespread changes across all parts of the energy system. This scenario charts a path fully aligned with the Paris Agreement by holding the rise in global temperatures to “well below 2°C … and pursuing efforts to limit [it] to 1.5°C”, and meets objectives related to universal energy access and cleaner air.

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Current Policies Scenario (CPS)

The Current Policies Scenario is a baseline picture of how global energy markets would evolve if governments make no changes to their existing policies and measures.

Africa Case (AC)

A new Africa Case AC was developed for the Special Focus on Africa in WEO 2019 that reflects the Agenda 2063, in which African leaders set out their vision for the future growth and development of the continent.