World Energy Outlook 2018

The gold standard of energy analysis

World Energy Outlook 2018 examines future patterns of a changing global energy system at a time of increasing uncertainties and finds that major transformations are underway for the global energy sector. Across all regions and fuels, policy choices made by governments will determine the shape of the energy system of the future.

World Energy Outlook Commentaries and Analysis

What would it take to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 °C?

16 November 2019
The energy sector is at the front line of the climate debate because it is by far the largest source of the emissions that cause global warming

Understanding the World Energy Outlook scenarios

29 October 2019
Today’s energy choices and their consequences

Growing preference for SUVs challenges emissions reductions in passenger car market

15 October 2019
Growing SUVs sales offset oil savings from electric cars

The world can’t afford to relax about oil security

19 September 2019
This year's World Energy Outlook explores the oil security implications of changing energy dynamics.

Frontier electric technologies in industry

29 May 2019
Industry has traditionally proved very difficult to electrify – not to mention decarbonise

Can CO2-EOR really provide carbon-negative oil?

11 April 2019
The logic of “carbon-negative oil” critically depends on the boundaries of the analysis and the origin of the CO2

Thinking about energy and water together can help ensure that “no one is left behind”

22 March 2019
Energy is essential to solving the world’s water problems

A long-term view of natural gas security in the European Union

13 March 2019
The debate on Europe's gas security may be shifting to internal questions over the role of gas infrastructure in a decarbonising European energy system

The mysterious case of disappearing electricity demand

14 February 2019
While global electricity demand growth has been strong, in recent years electricity demand in advanced economies has begun to flatten or in some cases decline

Signposts for the gas outlook

7 February 2019
WEO scenarios and analysis provide insight into the factors that will shape the future of gas markets

Battery storage is (almost) ready to play the flexibility game

7 February 2019
In an electricity world that sees variable renewables at the centre stage, market players and policy makers cannot overlook the need for flexibility

Is exponential growth of solar PV the obvious conclusion?

6 February 2019
The future of solar PV, like so many parts of the energy system, will continue to depend largely on decisions made by governments

Desalinated water affects the energy equation in the Middle East

21 January 2019
Perhaps more than in other parts of the world, in the Middle East energy and water are closely intertwined

Winners, losers and unintended consequences in the outlook for oil product demand

4 January 2019
Debates about the future of oil tend to focus on total demand but there are a variety of stories of growth and decline that are of great significance for the overall oil outlook

Could tight oil go global?

2 January 2019
What lessons can countries draw from the remarkable rise in US tight oil production

How will the electricity market of the future work?

12 December 2018
Ensuring sufficient investments in competitive wholesale electricity markets

Whatever happened to enhanced oil recovery?

28 November 2018
Throughout the history of the oil industry, technological progress has found a way to bring new resources into play

The energy sector should care about wastewater

19 November 2018
The WEO’s Sustainable Development Scenario this year includes, for the first time, an analysis of the links between the energy and water

Crunching the numbers: are we heading for an oil supply shock?

16 November 2018
The new World Energy Outlook contained some warning messages on the possibility of a mismatch between robust demand in the near term and a potential shortfall of new supply projects

Population without access to electricity falls below 1 billion

30 October 2018
Latest World Energy Outlook data shows progress on providing access to energy, but much more effort is needed

Hard-earned reforms to fossil fuel subsidies are coming under threat

29 October 2018
The World Energy Outlook has been tracking fossil fuel consumption subsidies for many years and our latest data shows that they are rising again

Economic diversification for oil and gas exporters doesn’t mean leaving energy behind

25 October 2018
The fall in oil prices that began in 2014 provided a reminder of the damage that the downswing in a commodity cycle can bring

Energy has a role to play in achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation

22 March 2018
Water is essential to almost all aspects of energy supply while energy is also required for water treatment and transport

Energy is at the heart of the sustainable development agenda to 2030

19 March 2018
IEA introduces new online resource for all its Sustainable Development Goals data and projections

Clean and efficient heat for industry

23 January 2018
There is no single solution for reducing energy demand and emissions from industrial heat use

The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand

10 January 2018
Over 15% of electricity demand today could be used as a source of flexibility to help integrate variable renewables such as wind and solar PV

Fossil-fuel consumption subsidies are down, but not out

20 December 2017
Subsidies for fossil fuels are falling but remain much higher than those for renewables

Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia

19 December 2017
Cheaper renewable technologies open new options for cost-effective electricity access

The environmental case for natural gas

23 October 2017
A preview of analysis from the forthcoming World Energy Outlook 2017 on methane emissions and the future role of natural gas

Waste not, want not

22 March 2017
On World Water Day, we look at the interdependence of water and energy
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