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Natural gas is poised to take a larger share of the global energy mix, but this would require that a greater proportion of the world’s vast resources of unconventional gas are brought to market not only in a profitable manner, but also in a way that addresses the legitimate public concerns about the associated environmental and social impacts. This was the premise of the 2012 IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report “Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas”, which laid out for industry, government, and other stakeholders the following principles towards earning & maintaining a “social license” to produce unconventional gas: (1) Measure, disclose & engage; (2) Watch where you drill; (3) Isolate wells & prevent leaks; (4) Treat water responsibly; (5) Eliminate venting, minimise flaring & other emissions; (6) Be ready to think big; (7) Ensure a consistently high level of environmental performance.

In response to the strong support from governments (including a G8 leaders communiqué), industry, nongovernment organisations and other key stakeholders shown towards the WEO Special Report, the IEA Governing Board decided to build upon the golden rules by establishing the IEA Unconventional Gas Forum. The objective of this forum is to enable governments around the globe to share insights, alongside input from industry and other key stakeholders, on operational best practices and regulatory action towards securing the economic, security and other benefits of increasing unconventional gas output. What was a silent revolution in North America is likely to be a longer and challenging campaign in other parts of the globe, leaving still much scope for sharing experiences and improving best practices.

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Visit the IEA's Unconventional Gas Database for statistics on unconventional gas production.

Unconventional Gas Forums

  • Workshops, Brisbane, Australia, 24 February 2017
  • Workshops, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 21st April 2016
  • Workshops, Chengdu, China, 10th April 2015
  • Workshops, Calgary, Canada, 26th April 2014
  • Workshops, Paris, France, 22nd March 2013

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