IEA Training

World-class energy training programmes offered by the IEA

The IEA offers interactive training across a range of topics. It features a variety of formats from group training to individual work placements (secondments). Training is offered both at the IEA headquarters, in Paris, and in participing countries. In either case, the aim is to establish ongoing working relationships with participating countries for continual capacity building, as well as two-way information exchange.

Online statistics training programme

Understanding the statistical methods to produce accurate energy data is vital to produce meaning statistics to help the energy industry and policy makers understand energy. The IEA has abundant data resources and a powerful team of experts in energy statistics, and its comprehensive global energy statistics have attracted worldwide attention.

To provide more in-depth knowledge on several topics of energy statistics and to better share it, the IEA Energy Data Center has designed a series of online training videos.

The length of each video is about 20-30 minutes and the programme is built around 3 modules. The data reporting module covers the main fuels: oil, gas, renewables, electricity and heat. The analysis module includes energy balances, energy efficiency and CO2. A video on energy prices makes up the third module.

These videos have been translated into Chinese, into French and into Spanish and will be soon translated into Arabic to reach more statisticians in different regions worldwide.

Online energy efficiency training courses

‌In addition to the training weeks, the Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies Programme hosts open access, self-paced online training courses in Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals of Statistics and Essentials for Policymaking. The Energy Efficiency Indicators online training courses complement the training weeks by sharing methods and best practices in the development of energy efficiency indicators and the use of indicators for implementing more effective policy.

Efficiency webinars

‌The E4  Programme conducts a series of webinars in partnership with the different governments and organisations in the E4 countries and regions. The webinars cover different topics on energy efficiency relevant to the context of emerging economies including multiple benefits, investment, cooling, and more.