Transport Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)

Advanced Fuel Cells  (AFC TCP)

The AFC TCP advances understanding of fuel cells through co-ordinated research, technology development and systems analysis. Promising, cost-effective new applications for fuel cells are emerging, including separating the CO2 from the exhaust gas of a coal‑fired power plant.

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Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF TCP)

The primary goal of the AMF TCP is to facilitate the market introduction of advanced motor fuels and related vehicle technologies. This TCP provides an effective platform for fuel analyses and reporting of GHG emissions tested and measured in engines.

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Advanced Transport Materials (AMT TCP)

Activities of the AMT TCP are focused on improving vehicle energy efficiency without compromising safety, durability, performance or comfort. While promising lighter-weight materials could reduce consumption, studies of welding methods must be performed to ensure vehicle safety, integrity and durability. 

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Clean and Efficient Combustion (Combustion TCP)

The Combustion TCP carries out experimental and computational research projects related to internal combustion in engines and gas turbines, and furnace combustion. A new, more accurate model of the chemical reaction in combustion engines enables accelerated analysis of efficiencies and CO2 emissions reductions. 

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Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme (ETSAP TCP)

The ETSAP TCP assists decision makers to assess the current energy technologies and markets that will meet the future challenges of energy supply, economic development and environmental protection. Activities carried out included support for comparing pathways to double the share of renewables by end-use sectors by 2030. 

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Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV TCP)

The HEV TCP aims to produce and disseminate balanced, objective information about advanced electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles for governments and local authorities. Hybrid and electric vehicles (HEV) hold great potential to contribute to reducing energy consumption and emissions from road transport. 

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