Mobility Model Partnership (MoMo)

The Mobility Model (also known as MoMo) is a global transport spreadsheet model that has been developed since 2003. It contains detailed by-mode, by-fuel and by-region historical data and projections to 2050 for the transport sector as well as the sector's energy and greenhouse gas implications. The model is used within the IEA to provide quantitative analysis and to contribute to publications such as Energy Technology Perspectives. It also provides data input to the World Energy Outlook.

It is shared with selected partners that have interest in energy- and mobility-related issues. The Mobility Model is divided into 29 regions, and it covers all transport modes and each of the existing and future fuel pathways that power worldwide mobility. It is capable of assessing the impact of new technologies on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and vehicle/fuel cost, and also of analysing similar impacts due to modal shifting cross transport modes.

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