Flexible operation of gas-fired power plants

Why is this gap important?

Existing gas power capacity is not always optimised for the flexibility requirements of systems with higher shares of variable renewables. Growing shares of renewables in the power system challenges conventional operational practices of these plants.

Technology solutions

Technical options for retrofitting gas-fired power plants exist and are commercially ready. Assessment of their economics against other flexibility options is needed.

Colored bars represent the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of each technology. Learn more about TRLs

What are the leading initiatives?

  • MHPS and GE Power have achieved 64% net efficiency with highly flexible operations.
  • Retrofits to existing plants for greater flexibility that is increasingly available (e.g. Emerson/Ovation turbine control retrofits), as well as high cycle capability turbines (e.g. Siemens' aeroderivative A45 gas turbine)