Electricity Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)

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Demand-Side Management TCP

The Demand-Side Management TCP focuses on strategies for modifying the demand of energy from end-users using technological solutions, regulatory or financial incentives, and other means of encouraging behavioral change. By reducing or shifting demand according to a power system's needs, investment in power generation and grid capacity can be deferred or avoided, with benefits in both fast-growing economies where much power infrastructure is yet to be built, and in established systems where ageing infrastructure needs to be replaced.

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IEA High-Temperature Superconductivity TCP

High-Temperature Superconductivity TCP

The HTS TCP aims to analyse superconductivity technology, monitor developments in industry standards, and assess the benefits and existing barriers to deployment. It brings together manufacturers, cryogenics research, laboratories and trade organisations to enable significant improvements in the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electric power. The recent roadmap for the widespread integration of high-temperature superconductors into the electricity supply network highlights both traditional and innovative applications.

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Smart Grids (ISGAN) TCP

The ISGAN TCP aims to advance policy, technology and related standards for smart grids by raising awareness of their benefits, developing tools for implementation, and co-ordinating joint projects. The annual ISGAN TCP Award of Excellence has become a global mark for outstanding projects and best practices on smart grids development and deployment. 

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About Technology Collaboration Programmes

The breadth and coverage of analytical expertise in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are unique assets that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. The 38 TCPs operating today involve about 6 000 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries.

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