Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs)

Clean Coal Centre (CCC TCP)

Compared to other fuel sources, coal provides an abundant, relatively low-cost fuel for electricity generation. However, unless managed carefully, coal-fired power plants emit pollutants such as sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxide (NOX), particulates, and high levels of greenhouse gases.

This programme aims to gather, assess and disseminate knowledge on the energy efficient and environmentally sustainable use of coal, particularly high-efficiency low-emissions (HELE) coal-fired power generation.

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Fluidized Bed Conversion (FBC TCP)

Compared to traditional coal-fired power plants, fluidized bed boilers are designed to maintain the coal in a fluidized motion in order to burn the coal thoroughly and to achieve a constant temperature in the boiler. This results in efficient combustion and a higher, regular production of steam (and electricity) over time.

The FBC TCP aims to support dissemination of research results on fluidized bed conversion technology, thereby advancing the knowledge of national experts and industry professionals. The increased size of recent fluidized bed coal power plants has resulted in improved efficiencies and lower GHG emissions.

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About Technology Collaboration Programmes

The breadth and coverage of analytical expertise in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs) are unique assets that underpin IEA efforts to support innovation for energy security, economic growth and environmental protection. The 38 TCPs operating today involve about 6 000 experts from government, industry and research organisations in more than 50 countries.

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