IEA and the UNFCCC

To tackle climate change, the IEA promotes energy policies and actions, domestic and international, that are relevant to all countries. This involves climate-energy policy research for countries to share best practice, risk and resilience analysis to help the energy sector prepare for climate change impacts, and promoting international collective action on climate change. Supporting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is central to this third aim, and the IEA attends the Conference of the Parties (COP) to provide expert advice and support on all facets of energy policy. 

This includes:

  • Conveying latest IEA research and providing countries with information on IEA tools and resources available to support energy transition, through numerous events and activities in the side-lines of UNFCCC meetings.
  • Contributing directly to the UNFCCC negotiation process including the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA) and Subsidiary Body processes, by forwarding IEA analyses as submissions and participating in official technical workshops and events.
  • Technical collaboration with the UNFCCC Secretariat, including supporting review of developed country annual greenhouse gas inventories, and linking IEA roadmaps and the low-carbon technology platform to the UNFCCC Technology Executive Committee’s work.
  • Co-organising the twice-yearly CCXG Global Forum with OECD colleagues, which continues discussion and development on relevant technical issues outside the formal UNFCCC process.
  • Co-operating in other regional and/or sector-specific international arenas, such as the Clean Energy Ministerial or G20.


The twenty-third session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) is being held in Bonn, Germany from 6-17 November 2017.

As the world’s leading provider of solutions, analysis, and data for the global energy transition, the IEA stands ready to contribute to COP23, with a focus on helping to scale up and speed up the clean energy transition, accelerating sustainable energy access, and strengthening energy sector resilience to climate impacts.

Visit the IEA COP23 page.

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Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG)

The Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG), co-supported by the IEA and OECD, organises Global Forum meetings twice a year with government delegates and experts from developed and developing countries. The aim of the group is to promote dialogue on and enhance understanding of politically important technical issues in the international climate change negotiations. The two meetings per year bring together government representatives, the private sector and civil society in order to share information on climate policies and issues. The CCXG also develops technical papers on UNFCCC-relevant issues in consultation with a wide range of countries. More information on the CCXG flyer.

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