Technology Collaboration Programme

Advancing the research, development and commercialisation of energy technologies

The IEA Technology Collaboration Programme supports the work of 38 independent, international groups of experts that enable governments and industries from around the world to lead programmes and projects on a wide range of energy technologies and related issues.

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Wind Energy Systems (Wind)

The Wind TCP’s mission is to stimulate co-operation on wind energy research, development, and deployment (RD&D). The Wind TCP provides high quality information and analysis to member governments and commercial sector leaders by addressing technology development, deployment and its benefits, markets, and policy options.

Main areas of work

  • Resource and site characterisation
  • Advanced technology for wind energy
  • Energy systems with high amounts of wind
  • Social, environmental and economic impacts
  • Communication, education and engagement

Key activities and accomplishments (2017-18)

Priorities and projects (2019-20)

  • Industry research objectives will continue to focus on larger land-based and offshore wind turbines
  • Research into floating offshore wind is becoming more prevalent as developers pursue wind resources farther from shorelines and at greater depths
  • Reducing cost and improving reliability through improved technology and information sharing continues to be a primary objective

Multilateral collaborations

  • Collaboration on grid integration and forecasting with the TCP on Photovoltaic Power Systems (PVPS TCP)
  • Interest in further potential collaborations in the following areas: cost of energy, systems engineering, distributed energy


  • Chinese Wind Energy Association
  • Wind Europe

Why should your organisation become a member of Wind?

Participation in the Wind TCP is a cost-effective way to leverage available research funds. Wind TCP members collaborate on RD&D projects to increase the impact of wind technology. The research topics are relevant to land-based, offshore, and distributed wind power development. 


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