Technology Collaboration Programme

Advancing the research, development and commercialisation of energy technologies

The IEA Technology Collaboration Programme supports the work of 38 independent, international groups of experts that enable governments and industries from around the world to lead programmes and projects on a wide range of energy technologies and related issues.

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Clean Coal Centre (CCC)

The CCC TCP provides independent information and analysis on all coal related trends and all aspects of coal production, transport, processing and utilisation within the rationale for balancing security of supply, affordability and environmental issues. Topics include efficiency improvements, lowering greenhouse gas and non-greenhouse gas emissions, reducing water stress, ensuring poverty alleviation through universal access to robust and reliable electricity, together with other sustainability and socially led goals.

Main areas of work

  • Reports and reviews on technological developments for the cleaner use of coal, and on relevant markets and policies
  • Extensive outreach activities, particularly in developing and industrialising economies
  • Facilitation of research and development
  • Support to industry professionals through workshops and conferences

Key activities and accomplishments (2017-18)

  • Detailed analyses of developments in the cleaner use of coal (21 studies and accompanying webinars)
  • Organisation of numerous international events
  • Extensive outreach with UNECE and UNEP, participation in the negotiation for the Minamata Convention
  • Specialised assistance to members

Priorities and projects (2019-20)

  • Publication of 12 reports and webinars on all subjects related to coal, as selected by the membership
  • Increased collaboration with other multilateral organisations to facilitate the use of cleaner coal in emerging economies
  • Organisation of the biennial Clean Coal Technologies Conferenceand other international events
  • Support members' requests for assistance, analysis and information
  • Develop a section of the website in Chinese Mandarin language

Multilateral collaborations

  • Ongoing collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Asian Development Bank, United States Department of State, Euracoal
  • Interest in collaborating with other organisations in the emerging economies of Asia and Africa


  • Anglo American (South Africa)
  • Banpu Public Company Limited (Thailand)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (India)
  • Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry (China)
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (UAE)
  • Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute (China)
  • Greenbank (United Kingdom)
  • Siberian Coal Energy Company (Russia)

Why should your organisation become a member of CCC?

To contribute to a wider understanding of the role of coal now and in a low-carbon future and to participate in progress towards making it a cleaner global source of reliable, affordable energy, compatible with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To have access to independent analysis and information on all aspects of coal production, transport and utilisation, and to benefit from high-level international networking.


Chair: Scott Smouse, United States (

Primary contact: Andrew Minchener (

IEA: Raimund Malischek (