Tracking Clean Energy Progress

Assessing the latest information on how 45 critical energy technologies and sectors are contributing to global clean energy transitions

Tracking Clean Energy Progress (TCEP) provides a clear and accessible summary of the IEA’s latest data, analysis and recommendations across 45 energy technology areas. TCEP aims to inform a variety of audiences – including policymakers, investors, researchers and citizens – with comprehensive, rigorous and up-to-date expert analysis of how energy technologies are progressing towards long-term clean energy goals.


For each technology or sector, IEA experts assess the latest information to determine whether it is “on track” (green), “needs improvement” (yellow) or “not on track” (red) with the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS). The SDS represents a pathway to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change, deliver universal energy access and significantly reduce air pollution.

Evaluations are based on analysis of the latest IEA statistics and third party data, recent technology trends and policy developments. A full range of evaluation areas and indicators are considered and weighed based on expert judgment, including:

  • Energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Technology deployment and use, such as power generation or capacity additions; sales/uptake of technologies; use of a service or transportation mode.
  • Investment in new power plants, grids and other energy infrastructure; spending on energy efficiency.
  • Innovation and technology, including indicators of technology performance, efficiency and costs; new technology pilots and demonstrations; public and private investment in RD&D.
  • Policy developments such as new policy announcements or policy changes; sectoral policy coverage.

The analysis includes recommended actions for governments, industry, researchers and other actors, including an in-depth focus on how to address more than 100 key innovation gaps across all sectors and technologies.

Pages are updated throughout the year as new information becomes available, complemented by cutting-edge analysis and commentary on notable developments on the global clean energy transition. This means that users will always know they are receiving the very latest information and analysis available.

TCEP is a cross-agency effort drawing on analysis from all parts of the IEA, including experts focusing on energy modelling, market analysis, investment and statistics. It is also supported by the IEA’s extensive global technology network, totalling 6000 researchers across nearly 40 Technology Collaboration Programmes, as well as a broad range of external experts and stakeholders.

TCEP is part of the IEA’s broader efforts on tracking energy transitions and key indicators to help inform decision makers on where to focus innovation, investment and policy attention to achieve climate and sustainable development goals.

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