Rights Requests

Firstly, please check our terms and conditions available here to confirm whether or not your intended use of Information is already permitted.  If it is permitted, you do not need to obtain a separate written authorisation from the IEA.  However, you must give full acknowledgement to the OECD/IEA as stated within our terms and conditions. 

Remember that our terms and conditions do not permit you to reproduce any material which is attributed to a third party copyright owner.  You must seek authorisation to use such third party material separately and directly from the relevant copyright owner. You may also need to comply with the third party owner’s requirements regarding attribution in each case.

If your intended use is not permitted under the terms and conditions, and you nevertheless wish to obtain a separate permission from the IEA to use the Information, please copy and paste the boxes below into an email, insert your answers, and send the email to rights@iea.org:

You: your details or details of the entity wishing to reproduce the IEA’s Information

Personal name or full legal name of entity


Full address


Email address


Name and email address of person authorised to sign a Licence Agreement


What IEA Information do you want to use?

IEA data:

Which IEA database(s) or publication(s) contain the data that you want to use?

e.g. World Energy Statistics and Balances/ Monthly Oil Data Service/Oil Market Report/Coal Information

Which dataset(s), for what country/ies and what frequency and time series of the relevant datasets do you wish to use?

e.g. quarterly CO2 emissions for the UK for the years 2008-2011

Specify if and how you plan to modify the IEA data before you use it?

e.g. aggregate the data on an annual basis; combine the data with other data to show X

How will the data be presented in the end product (please attach the final version or draft when possible)?

e.g. in a table or graph? Will raw IEA data appear?

How many people will need access to the data in order to prepare the work?


IEA content other than data:

Which IEA publication (including year) contains the content you wish to use?

e.g. WEO 2013, Energy Technology Perspectives

Specify the non-data content and page no(s) in the publication where the content appears.

e.g. graph showing oil supply on page 21

Will you modify the non-data content at all?

e.g. explain if you will change the material and how (e.g. layout, colours, etc.).

How will your work show the non-data content?

e.g. in the form of a graph/in written text

Will you translate the non-data content?  If so, specify the language.

e.g. into Arabic/Portuguese

What do you want to do with IEA Information?

What do you wish to do with the IEA’s Information?

e.g. use it for a report entitled ‘X’, use it for an online tool, use it to verify data

To whom will you distribute the above work?

e.g. internally within my company, to the public

Where will you distribute your work?

e.g. on our intranet, via our website www.X.com (specify if password-protected), hard copies in Brazil

In what format will your work be distributed?

e.g. pdf, hard copies

Will your work be sold or distributed for free? 

NB. If the use is commercial, specify the price of the end product or subscription and likely number of purchasers/subscribers.

How long will you use IEA Information for?


How long will you distribute your work for (if applicable)?


While we do our best to ensure the timeliness of our responses, some requests may take several weeks to process if special permission is required from the relevant IEA authoring division. Therefore, please allow sufficient time between the date of your request and your intended date of publication/use of IEA Information.

Thank you for your interest in using IEA Information.