DEFINITIONS: Explanation of search options

The Policies and Measures database can be searched according to the following six criteria:

Country: The sovereign state that promulgated the policy or measure.

Jurisdiction: The level of government at which the policy was formulated or applies. The available categories are: local, state/regional, national and supranational.

Year: The year in which the policy became effective.

Policy Status: The current implementation status of the policy. The available categories are: planned, in force, ended and superseded (where an ended policy has been directly replaced by another). Note that policies with planned status are rarely included in this these databases.

Key Word Search: Terms typed into this field will be searched for across the title of all database records.

Policy Type: The particular kind of policy instrument planned or implemented.

Policy/Technology Target: The particular sector or focus of the policy instrument. These will vary for the three databases, being more specific in the renewable energy and energy efficiency databases.

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Loans: may include green loans, preferential rate loans, dedicated credit-lines and loan guarantees provided by government and revolving loan funds.

Tradable permits:Refers to three kinds of systems:

Obligations schemes:  This broad term may include energy efficiency obligations on energy suppliers requiring them to deliver certain energy savings, as well as energy mix quotas requiring energy suppliers to include a certain amount of renewable energy in their generation capacity.

Energy class: refers to the level of a building’s overall energy consumption promoted by a particular policy:

Type of building code: various approaches to setting standards for building energy consumption have been taken over time and in different countries. Approaches have tended to evolve through trial and error towards the most effective approach to capturing maximum energy savings. Common approaches are:

Lighting/Lamp technologies: Various lighting technologies now exist and have been the subject of both promotional and phase-out policies.

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