Clean Energy Solutions Center logoIn 2012, the Clean Energy Solutions Centre and the IEA PAMS established a partnership to support the enhancement of the PAMS databases, in order to further the shared goals of the two organisations as well as the clean energy policy information initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial process.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center helps governments turn clean energy visions into reality The Solutions Center serves as a first-stop clearinghouse of clean energy policy reports, data, and tools and provides expert assistance and peer-to-peer learning forums. It offers no-cost "ask-an-expert" assistance on clean energy policy matters, training, and technical resources in a user-friendly and accessible website. The Clean Energy Solutions Center was designed and is supported by a unique partnership between the Clean Energy Ministerial and the United Nations inter-agency energy mechanism (UN-Energy).

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The European Commission has supported the development of the Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database, and most recently the Directorate-General Climate Action of the European Commission provided support through the Thematic Programme for Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (ENRTP).

The principal objectives of the support were to:

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The International Energy Agency and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) signed a partnership agreement which strengthen co-operation between the two organisations. Although the agencies have collaborated since IRENA’s inception in 2009 – including developing a joint approach on renewable energy statistics – this agreement will launch a number of new initiatives, including a joint database of renewable energy policies to be known as the IEA/IRENA Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database. Both parties will collect and verify information for the database, which will open to free public access and be updated at least twice a year.