Is pumped storage hydropower capacity forecast to expand more quickly than stationary battery storage?
Pumped storage hydropower capacity is expected to increase 26 GW, while stationary battery capacity expands only 22 GW
4 March 2019

Is concentrating solar power forecast to contribute to global energy storage over the next five years?
Most CSP plants deployed over the outlook period are expected to include thermal storage, though at a comparatively small scale
7 March 2019

Tracking the decoupling of electricity demand and associated CO2 emissions
The rate is far from what’s required to meet international climate goals
8 March 2019

United States to lead global oil supply growth, while no peak in oil demand in sight
Refiners and shippers set to rise to challenge of new IMO rules, one of biggest industry shake-ups
11 March 2019

How competitive is biofuel production in Brazil and the United States?
The United States ranks number one and Brazil ranks second as the largest producers of fuel ethanol and biodiesel
11 March 2019

IEA and Argentina broaden bilateral cooperation
Building on close cooperation during Argentina’s G20 presidency, new joint programme of work expands collaboration
12 March 2019

A long-term view of natural gas security in the European Union
The debate on Europe's gas security may be shifting to internal questions over the role of gas infrastructure in a decarbonising European energy system
13 March 2019

Oil Market Report: Supply cushion insures against losses
In the event of a major loss of supply from Venezuela, the potential means of avoiding serious disruption to the oil market is theoretically at hand
15 March 2019

Are aviation biofuels ready for take off?
Sustainable aviation fuel is needed to curb air travel’s growing climate impact
18 March 2019

Does household use of solid biomass-based heating affect air quality?
Solid biomass combustion can emit various air pollutants that negatively affect human health
18 March 2019

More efforts needed to accelerate improvements in fuel economy
New report by IEA and the Global Fuel Economy Initiative highlights how improvements in fuel economy have slowed in recent years
20 March 2019

Thinking about energy and water together can help ensure that “no one is left behind”
Energy is essential to solving the world’s water problems
22 March 2019

Global energy demand rose by 2.3% in 2018, its fastest pace in the last decade
Despite major renewables growth last year, CO2 emissions reached a historic high
26 March 2019

Shared, automated… and electric?
Implications of emerging mobility technologies and trends on the future of electric vehicles
28 March 2019

IEA holds high level workshop on digitalisation of energy efficiency
Digital technologies are enabling energy efficiency to play a more central role within the energy system
28 March 2019

First meeting of the Efficient World Financing Forum
Meeting brings together global leaders of development banks from all world regions to share diverse experiences in the implementation, delivery models and financing mechanisms for energy efficiency
28 March 2019