IEA publishes third annual Global Gas Security Review to assess evolution of LNG markets
Report highlights need for flexibility to reduce market uncertainties and ensure security of supply
22 October 2018

Newly updated statistics data services and overviews - latest release RD&D
Statistics Information series covers all fuels and energy balances
30 October 2018

Executive Director visits Luxembourg
Dr Birol meets with European Investment Bank and Secretary of State
4 October 2018

Petrochemicals set to be the largest driver of world oil demand, latest IEA analysis finds
Petrochemicals will outpace cars, trucks and aviation in future oil demand growth, even with ambitious efforts to promote recycling and promote greater efficiency
5 October 2018

Modern bioenergy leads the growth of all renewables to 2023, according to latest IEA market forecast
Half of all renewable energy consumption in 2017 came from modern bioenergy
8 October 2018

Phased nuclear exit presents challenges for maintaining electricity security in Switzerland
IEA’s energy policy review explores options for Switzerland’s electricity market reforms and climate policy post-2020
8 October 2018

Oil Market Report: Twin Peaks
Global oil demand and supply are now close to new, historically significant peaks, and neither show signs of ceasing to grow any time soon
12 October 2018

IEA officials visit Samarkand for high-level meetings and policy forums
The Renewables and Focus on Solar Policy Forum was followed by the Research, Development and Demonstration Policy Forum
12 October 2018

Back to the future
Our energy future is here – and it’s nothing like we had imagined
16 October 2018

IEA and China’s NDRC sign Memorandum of Understanding on energy efficiency collaboration
Agreement underscores the critical important of energy efficiency and China’s position on the global energy scene
12 October 2018

Hydrogen, the missing link in the energy transition
Serious projects and feasibility studies are underway to ship green hydrogen to demand centres
17 October 2018

Energy efficiency is the cornerstone for building a secure and sustainable energy system
New IEA analysis shows that the right policy action can help cut emissions while growing economies
19 October 2018

Executive Director on official visit to Japan
IEA to support Japan’s G20 Presidency on energy efficiency and hydrogen energy
22 October 2018

Finland shows how bioenergy and nuclear can drive the energy transition
IEA report emphasises cost-effective measures for Finland to meet climate policies
23 October 2018

Economic diversification for oil and gas exporters doesn’t mean leaving energy behind
The fall in oil prices that began in 2014 provided a reminder of the damage that the downswing in a commodity cycle can bring
25 October 2018

Major oil and gas exporters face unprecedented challenges in years ahead, new IEA study shows
Reform and economic diversification are vital for their economies and for global energy markets
25 October 2018

In natural gas markets, winter is coming
Drawing lessons from last year’s tight market
30 October 2018

Hard-earned reforms to fossil fuel subsidies are coming under threat
The World Energy Outlook has been tracking fossil fuel consumption subsidies for many years and our latest data shows that they are rising again
29 October 2018

ASEAN Ministers call for stronger institutional ties with the IEA
IEA Executive Director at ASEAN Ministers of Energy Meeting
30 October 2018

Chile’s “Energia + Mujer” programme seeks to boost participation of women in the clean energy sector
IEA supports global efforts to increase gender diversity in the workplace
30 October 2018

Population without access to electricity falls below 1 billion
Latest World Energy Outlook data shows progress on providing access to energy, but much more effort is needed
30 October 2018

IEA holds the Third Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency
Executive Director launches new online platform for energy efficiency data and information
31 October 2018