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(Paris) — 21 September 2016

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Electricity is playing an increasingly important role in our lives, with China producing a quarter of global electricity in 2014. These are just two of the many facts presented in the 2016 edition of Key World Energy Statistics, released today.

The use of electricity has grown significantly over the past decades, with its share of energy used in homes and businesses doubling, from just under 10% in 1973 to close to 20% now.

This change, especially in recent years, has been driven by increased use of electricity in countries outside of the OECD, reflecting continued economic development and enhanced electrification. In 1973, the OECD produced nearly three quarters of all electricity. In 2014, it was less than a half, with China becoming the largest producer in the world.

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China is also the largest coal producer, while the US retains its position as the leading gas producing country, and in 2015 was the second largest producer of oil, behind Saudi Arabia, but ahead of the Russian Federation.

KWES, which is also available as a mobile app, draws on information from the full range of IEA statistics, including World energy Balances and World Energy Statistics. These two new publications reflect the global nature of energy.

Also released today are new data on CO2 emissions from fuel combustion which continue to show the decoupling of energy use and economic growth globally. Also available is a wide range of data and information aimed at helping everyone understand energy, including the Sankey flow charts which show how energy is used in each country.