Energy snapshot

Geographical distribution of EV chargers

Shares of publicly available electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) are not evenly distributed across markets, reflecting large variations in EV/EVSE ratios across counties. This is consistent with the early stage of EV deployment in most markets. In the case of fast chargers, the large global share for China could be the result of the rapid growth of electric buses (significantly larger than in any global region so far) and significant uncertainty about the share of fast chargers actually dedicated to bus services.

Japan, where 50-kW fast chargers were deployed early in order to address range anxiety (i.e. the fear that a vehicle has insufficient energy stored on board to reach the next available recharging point or its destination), but where EV sales have not experienced recent, significant year-on-year growth, also has high shares of fast chargers per EV compared with other countries.

Source: Global EV Outlook 2017

7 June 2017

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