Energy snapshot

Development of global electric light-duty vehicle stock, 2010-16

Electric vehicle sales grew by 40% in 2016, down from 70% growth in 2015. There are now more than 2 million electric vehicles worldwide, but this still represents less than 0.2% of the 1.2 billion light-duty vehicles (LDV) on the road. The electric vehicle market is diversifying and maturing quickly. Electric vehicles are much more efficient than diesel or gasoline alternatives, but are not yet at a scale to have a significant influence on global LDV fuel economy. However, recent announcements from Norway, France and the United Kingdom to phase out sales of new gasoline or diesel LDVs, as well as announcements that China, India and the Netherlands are considering similar measures, highlights the movement towards electric mobility.

Source: Energy Efficiency 2017

5 October 2017

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