Energy snapshot

CO2 intensity of new power gen capacity

In 2016 the average intensity of new power generation coming online was just over 400 kg of CO2 per megawatt hour – signalling an improvement of the average. Yet meeting global emissions targets would require a global average of 100 kg of CO2 per megawatt hour from all generation by the late 2030s.

Overall, investment in renewable power dropped slightly in 2016, though total capacity additions continued to rise on the back of 50% stronger solar PV deployment. While fewer final decisions have been taken on investing in nuclear and hydropower over the past 5 years, the impact of this is expected to almost entirely offset the boost to low-carbon generation provided by wind and solar capacity additions. However the contribution of expected new low-carbon generation is not keeping pace with demand growth, which over the past five years has averaged near 450 TWh, or 50% higher than the expected new low-carbon generation sanctioned in 2016.

Source: World Energy Investment 2017

11 August 2017

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