Average number of hours spent collecting fuel per day per household
Passenger light-duty vehicle stock and fuel economy in Southeast Asia
providing electricity access through off-grid solar PV
Global contracted installations of electricity smart meters
Economic value of improved energy intensity
Global coal demand, 2015-2022
Electricity access rates across Southeast Asia
Marginal abatement cost curve for oil and gas methane related emissions
Central heating fuel mix in China
Impact of demand on a daily load curve
Buildings sector energy consumption, energy intensity and floor area (2000-16)
Global household connected devices installed
IEA Efficiency Policy Progress Index (EPPI), 2000-2016
Improvements in energy efficiency, 2000-16
Indonesian energy use by sector, 2000 and 2015
Development of global electric light-duty vehicle stock, 2010-16
Average standby power of household connected devices per unit
Cumulative growth of off-grid solar PV in developing Asia and sub-Saharan Africa
Power capacity additions by fuel 2016
Announced wind and solar average auction prices
Annual additions to global policy coverage of mandatory codes and standards
Global investment in energy efficiency
Factors influencing GHG emissions
Average EV price and range
Air conditioner sales growth
CO2 intensity of new power gen capacity
World total coal production, 1971-2016
Change in world coal consumption, 2015-2016
Annual growth rates of electricity production in OECD, 1990-2016
Shares in OECD renewable electricity production, 2016
Global gas production growth, 2016-2022
World natural gas demand by region
Map of LNG movements in the OECD
World energy investment by region, 2016
Average annual final investment decisions for new coal-fired power capacity
Global energy efficiency investment 2016
Average freight energy intensity and activity
Fuel demand savings modern truck scenario
OECD electricity production by source 1974-2016
Global Oil Demand Growth
Electricity consumption in the water sector by process
US LTO Production
Geographical distribution of EV chargers
Market share EV-friendly cities
Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 1980-2016
CO2 Emissions and Global Economy Growth Rates
Share of VRE generation
Indexed cost of onshore wind, utility-scale PV and LED lighting, 2008 - 2015
Fossil fuel subsidies in Indonesia, 2005 – 2016
Incremental production of renewable electricity and natural gas in OECD Europe
Coal demand and power in the EU
Percentage share of global coal consumption
Shares of global demand met by renewable energy in selected sectors
Estimates for global fossil-fuel consumption subsidies
Share of solid biomass in residential energy use by selected region in the NPS
Share of total final energy consumption covered by energy efficiency policies
Indexed electricity generation by fuel (2001 – 2021)
Change in total primary energy demand
RE electricity capacity growth by technology
Electricity generation by type in Southeast Asia