Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015 examines progress in the development and deployment of key clean energy technologies. This Energy Technology Perspectives 2015 (ETP 2015) excerpt tracks each technology and sector against interim 2025 targets in the IEA 2015 Energy Technology Perspectives 2°C scenario, which lays out pathways to a sustainable energy system in 2050.

While renewable power generation continues to progress, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) are still increasing rapidly,  and a significant milestone for carbon capture and storage (CCS) was reached in 2014, the deployment rate of most clean energy technologies is no longer on track to meet 2DS targets. Overall, the growth rates of  clean energy technologies have slowed significantly and existing opportunities for deployment are not being exploited, preventing significant benefits being realised. Policy certainty, incentives, regulation and international co-operation are required to meet stated ambitions and transform the global energy system.

Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2015 provides, together with ETP 2015, specific recommendations to governments on how to scale up deployment of these key technologies toward a secure, clean and competitive energy future.

Data and figures for download

Here you will find many of the figures, graphs and tables of the book available for download.

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Sector Decarbonisation