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RD&D Statistics

Energy Technology RD&D Budgets online data service (free)

Access Database and Login as "GUEST" for free download of data files and documentation.

The database includes data on budgets in national currencies (in nominal and real prices), in USD (at latest year prices and exchange rates), in USD (at latest year prices and PPP) and in Euro (at latest year prices and exchange rates). Also, the database shows RD&D budgets and calculating indicators. 

The government energy technology RD&D budgets are submitted on an annual questionnaire every year to the IEA Secretariat by appropriate Administrations in national currencies. The exchange rates are published in Main Economic Indicators (OECD) and the GDP and GDP deflators come from the OECD Economic Outlook (OECD). 

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Documentation for RDD online data services 



IEA Guide to Reporting Energy RD&D Budget/Expenditure Statistics (June 2011)


RD&D Budget Questionnaire: Table 4 of IDR Questionnaire 

Data points may be used to access the online data services using any data browser. If you want to download an entire database and install the B2020 software, then you must be running on a Windows-based system. The B2020 software cannot be installed on a MAC computer.

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