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14 August: Release of Monthly electricity statistics
10 August: Release of Monthly statistics
OilNatural gasPrices 
8 August: New vacancies in IEA Statistics Team! More information here
31 July: Release of World Energy Balances 2018 Overview and data service
26 July: Release of Coal Information 2018 Overview and data service
25 July: Release of Oil Information 2018 Overview and data service
20 July: Release of Electricity Information 2018 Overview and data service
19 July: Release of Renewables Information 2018 Overview and data service
13 July: Release of New and Expanded Monthly electricity statistics
12 July: Release of Monthly statistics
OilNatural gasPrices 
15 June: Release of New and Expanded Monthly electricity statistics
13 June: Release of Monthly statistics
OilNatural gasPrices 
18 May 2018: Energy Technology RD&D Budgets Overview and online data service
17 May 2018: New!! World Energy Prices online data service and Overview
27 April: Release of Energy and CO2 emissions in the OECD
26 April: Release of 2018 preliminary editions of annual data services
12 April: Release of: 
Key OECD Oil Trends 2017
Key OECD Gas Trends 2017
Key OECD Electricity Trends 2017
1 December: Release of Energy Efficiency Indicators Highlights 2017 (free) and short
version of Energy Efficiency Indicators 2019 database (free)
30 October: Release of CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion Highlights 2017, available for free download
2 October: Release of CO2 Emissions from fuel combustion online data service 
19 September: Release of free data:
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