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The IEA CHP/DHC Collaborative

In 2007 the IEA created the CHP/District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Collaborative to promote the deployment of cost-effective, clean and efficient CHP and District Energy technologies and assess related global markets and policies. The Collaborative works with government agencies, industry and non-governmental organisations on the following activities:

  • Collecting global data on current CHP and DHC applications.
  • Assessing growth potentials for key markets.
  • Developing country profiles with data and relevant policies.
  • Documenting best practice policies for CHP and DHC.
  • Convening an international CHP/DHC network, to share experiences and ideas.

The Collaborative has published several analytical reports and initiated a series of scorecards that analyse different countries’ experiences in deploying these technologies. These reports highlight the global status, potential and benefits of an integrated energy system with CHP and DHC, provide policy best practices, assess national approaches and discuss strategies to support specific CHP and DHC projects development areas such as technology selection, financing and business models.

IEA International CHP/DHC Collaborative contact