Standing Group on Long-Term Co-operation

The IEA Standing Group on Long-Term Co-operation (SLT) is established to encourage co-operation among IEA member countries on policies to

  • Improve energy market functioning
  • Discuss energy outlooks
  • Improve the economic efficiency of the energy sector
  • Promote environmental protection in the provision of energy services
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • Improve energy data gathering.

The SLT meets three to four times a year usually during the same week as meetings of the IEA Governing Board. Membership of the SLT consists of senior experts from IEA member countries and observers from the Nuclear Energy Agency, the European Commission, IEA accession countries and IEA association countries.  The group is chaired by a representative of the member countries, supported by two vice-chairs. The Enegy Policy and Secuirty Division (PSD) of the IEA is responsible for managing the SLT.

A broad range of IEA reports are discussed at the SLT, such as the World Energy Outlook and several Medium Term Market reports (Gas, Coal, Renewables, and Energy Efficiency). The SLT also regularly discusses In-Depth Energy Policy Reviews of IEA Member countries.


The SLT has also established a working party, the Working Party on Energy Efficiency (EEWP).

The EEWP provides advice to the SLT and other IEA bodies on:

  1. The means to achieve the multiple benefits of cost-effective energy efficiency policy development, implementation and evaluation in the IEA member countries and, where appropriate, IEA non-member countries;
  2. Good examples of implementation and evaluation; and
  3. Trends, policies and priorities for optimising energy efficiency uptake. 

Guided by the IEA Shared Goals, which were adopted by IEA Ministers in June 1993, the EEWP also supports and facilitates co-operation among IEA member countries in the development, implementation and evaluation of energy efficiency policies and, as appropriate, greater co-operation with IEA non-member countries.

SLT/CERT Collaboration

The SLT Secretariat is working closely with that of the Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT) including the preparation of a Joint SLT/CERT Workshop every June since 2013.

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